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This is Factory


Factory is a global company dedicated to designing, developing and managing innovation communities. With 15 years of placemaking from Berlin to Lisbon to Cheltenham and beyond, Factory works with cities and governments to revitalize districts, lift up neighborhoods and create positive and lasting impact.

We bring together the best, most creative, entrepreneurial and visionary people, creating synergies between tech,science, education and the arts. We advise on policy making that fosters innovation-friendly environments. We understand the global digital shift and the societal challenges, and how to make innovation and technology workin harmony with society. We co-invest with local and global stakeholders to make each city more sustainable, where humans can thrive.

Our services include mapping and negotiating off-market real estate, world-class architecture and design, construction and licensing of technology-enabled buildings, real estate operations management, curation and management of tenants and events, branding and communication with all relevant stakeholders and social, environmental and cultural projects that make for inclusive and cohesive neighborhoods.